Oriental Rug Spotlight: Bakshaish, Part Two

Antique Persian Rug, Bakshiash Style

Antique Oriental Bakshiash Carpet, Photograph courtesy of Claremont Rug Company

Bakshaish carpets were the product of the Persian home craft, often woven in roomsize (typically 9ft x 11ft to 11ft x 14ft) on a loom attached to the outside wall of the weaver’s home. Area sizes (normally 4ft 6in x 6ft 6in and sometimes as small as 2ft x 4ft) are only occasionally seen, the best of which are highly prized by serious collectors. Rare examples of very large sizes of these magnificent rugs can occasionally be found in sizes ranging from 11×15 to 12×18. Extremely seldom seen are sizes larger than 12×18, runners and keleges (corridor rugs) found in this style.

The best Bakshaish carpets offer a unique combination of geometric allover design or graphic medallion format with unparalleled use of natural color and soft tones for large format carpets. They fit perfectly into contemporary or casual decors, and brilliantly enhance the casual, organic ambiance of mountainside homes.

Among connoisseurs, early Bakshaish carpets, (especially circa 1875 or earlier, as well as the best late 19th century examples) are the most highly prized of the extremely desirable Northwest Persian village carpets. For lovers of tribal rugs that are only found in smaller sizes, the Bakshaish style offers a similar geometric, folkloric character in carpets of larger sizes.

The 19th-century examples of Bakshaish weaving, if artistically distinguished, memorable in their beauty and in good condition, have performed very solidly as art investments, especially since the mid-1990’s. Because of their great rarity, greatly inspired artistry and overwhelming appeal, the best 19th century representatives are widely sought after. Collectible-level pieces seldom come available on the public market, and when they do, often receive overwhelming demand.

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