City Style Antique Oriental Rugs


Antique Persian Rug

City carpets were themost elegant of all carpets and were woven in workshops under the careful watch of master rug designers who insured a higher level of quality, for example Hadji Jallili of Tabriz. Using the finest of weaves, these carpets exhibit very precise curvilinear designs with considerable attention to fine detail. The patterns were invariably floral or botanical in nature. The pile was generally cut low to accentuate the great clarity characteristic of city weavings. Called “The Art of Absolute Symmetry”, their perfect, symmetrical drawing is thought to reflect the perfect order of the universe. Each city had its own characteristic set of pattern languages and color palettes. Thesecarpetswere often produced from sophisticated knot-by-knot plans, known as “cartoons,” that were created by master carpet designers. The weavers’ responsibility was to follow the cartoon exactly.

Major styles: Tabriz (notably from the Hadji Jallili workshop), Kermanshah and Laver Kirman (notably from Tausenchian, Khasati and Delmaghani), Kashan (notably from Motasham and Dabir workshops), Amritsar, and Tehran.

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